Saturday, June 08, 2013

If a desire arises within you, Tantra doesn’t say to fight it. That is futile. No one can fight a desire. It is foolish also, because whenever you start fighting with something within you, you are fighting with yourself, you will become schizophrenic, your personality will be split. And all these so-called religions have helped humanity to by and by become schizophrenic. Everybody is split, everybody is divided and fighting with himself because so-called religions have told you, “This is bad. Don’t do this.” If the desire comes, what to do? You go on fighting with the desire. Tantra says don’t fight the desire. But that doesn’t mean that you become a victim of it. That doesn’t mean that you indulge in it.
Tantra gives you a very subtle technique. When desire arises, be alert just at the beginning with your entirety. Look at it with your entirety. Become the look. Don’t leave the looker behind. Bring your total consciousness to this arising desire. This is a very subtle method, but wonderful. Miraculous are its effects.
With the entire being the look is so fiery that the seed is burned, with no struggle, with no conflict, with no antagonism. Just a deep look with the entire being and the arriving desire disappears completely. And when a desire disappears without a fight, it leaves you so powerful, with such immense energy, with such tremendous awareness, you cannot imagine it.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

MACHINE - Amalgam of Steel and Machine Man. He's the robot with the most humanity. 

THE SOLAR SENTRY - Amalgam of Apollo and The Sentry. He's a moody but loving gay superman from the 1950s adventures with his pal THE MIDNIGHT EATER - Amalgam of Midnighter and The Blob.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Krishna of Bhagavad Gita teaches worldly action, and the Krishna of Bhagavatam grants inner perfection through dance and music. Both these aspects of Krishna need to come together for a 200% life – 100% material and 100% spiritual.
~ Dr. Pillai

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Thursday, February 09, 2012

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On the one hand they will respect poverty,
and on the other hand they will say, ´Serve the poor.´
Strange! If poverty is so spiritual then the most spiritual thing will be to make every rich man, poor. Help the rich man to be poor, so he can become spiritual.
Why help the poor? Do you want to destroy his spirituality?
To live in abundance is the only spiritual thing in the world.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

  • No-Thought for the Day ®
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    Once you get identified with a certain idea, then you are sick.
    All identification is mental sickness. In fact, mind is your sickness.
    And to put the mind aside and just to see silently ? without any thought, without any prejudice ? into reality is a healthy way of being acquainted with reality.
     ·  · September 8 at 2:27am
  • For those who want to live — not to think about it, but to love; not to think about it, but to be; not to philosophize about it — there is no other alternative:
    then drink the present moment´s juices.
    Squeeze it totally because it is not going to come back again.
    Once gone, it is gone forever.
    - OSHO
     ·  · September 2 at 7:18am
  • Compromise is one of the most ugly words in our language. It means, I give half, you give half; I settle for half, you settle for half. But why? When you can have the whole, when you can eat the cake and have it too, then why compromise!
    Just a little courage, just a little daring...

  • Life is its own purpose; it is not a means to some end, it is an end unto itself.
    The bird on the wing, the rose in the wind, the sun rising in the morning,
    the stars in the night, a man falling in love with a woman, a child playing on the street...there is no purpose. Life simply enjoying itself, delighting in itself. Energy overflowing, dancing, for no purpose at all.
     ·  · September 16 at 5:48pm

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  • No-Thought for the Day ®
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    Loneliness is when you hanker for something, some occupation; when you hanker for the other and you miss the other, that is loneliness. And when you have started enjoying it, the beauty, the austere beauty of being alone, the silence, the stillness, the joy of just being, breathing in the sun, just sitting under a tree doing nothing, listening to the birds, just being utterly herenow,
    and a great joy arises...aloneness.